Coating Paint and Ink

  Printing Ink Industry

  •   Water based flexo ink

  •   Solvent based ink

  •   Oil based ink

  Paint Industry

  •   Industrial Paint

  •   Water Based Paint

  •   Wood Paint

  •   Pigment paste




  Compounding Flexible PVC

  Color matching

  Adhesives & Rubber


  Welcome to our website.

SKA Chemical Company is a chemical company providing the household and industrial plastics, coating, paint and ink industry as well as rubber and adhesive industry with high-quality specialty chemicals.

It's been our job to serve you all and better understand what is necessary to improve every aspect of our company. Management goals at SKA are to serve the customer, suppliers and the employees. We need a vision of the future and understanding of the past. It can only happen if we listen to all of you. We are here to serve you, pay attention to details and improve the company. Finally I understand after reflecting on my life, it is management's job to listen carefully and be fair. We would like to thank you personally for your support, we will continue to listen.

At the Chemical Company (SKA), we handle all of our relationships and actions with the utmost care. We offer more than competitive pricing; we build safety and dependability into your supply chain.


Petrochemicals are chemical products derived from petroleum. Some chemical compounds made from petroleum are also obtained from other fossil fuels, such as coal or natural gas, or renewable sources such as corn or sugar cane.

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